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really like your game very fun and has some cool ideas! very good for your first horror game i do recommend though to make the flashlight a little brighter  kind of hard to see other then that loved it cant wait for more!!

Thanks.I see from the videos that it`s very dark,and some textures are missing i will fix try to fix them soon.It was good on my monitor but i admint it`s a little brighter.

your welcome!!

couldnt find a key :P

In the 1st room where you here the scream and the door closing, you can enter and you will find the 1st key on the bed

Im scared all the time in this game 

I had a relatively decent time playing this game but I think the best advice I can offer, in hindsight is to sit down and put onto paper, exactly what it is you're trying to achieve because the over all effect of the game is really scattered.

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Yea i agree, i was making something then changeing it.. and so on.It was my first try,i improved since then,learned a few more scripts like moving things,breaking them etc.Thanks for feedback, i really appreciate it.


Stonoga's Map player - Binary and Source - more maps come on hentai *ornbb - games section

you can now add your own player characters in Freak Mode 2 !!! - (copy packchunk 20 to map player, in helmet girl use f to change new player characters, added edit ue 4.20 template for map020 to create/edit player models)

soon you will add your own cars


This Game was alot of fun with well thought out jump scares. This was only chapter one and i had a great time